Scientific Program

Day 1 - Saturday, 6th April 2019

08:00am - 05:00pm

On Site Registration

08:15am - 08:30am

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Dr. Hussain Al-Enezi
Session-1 | Urolithiasis : State of Art
Moderators: Dr. Dulaim AlHajeri | Dr. Abdullah AlAnsari
08:30am - 08:55am

Metabolic workup and medical management of urolithiasis

Dr. Monther Al-Sharekh
08:55am - 09:20am

Simulation in training of Endourolog

Dr. John Denstedt
09:20am - 09:45am

Management of Pediatric Stones

Dr. Walid Farhat
09:45am - 10:00am

Discussion & Questions

10:00am - 10:20am


Session-2 | Point of Techniques in Urolithiasis
Moderators: Dr. Khaleel AlAwadhi | Dr. Mohammed Al-Marhoon
10:20am - 10:45am

Radiation-free PCNL

Dr. Thomas Chi
10:45am - 11:10am

Retrograde PCNL

Dr. Hasan Al-Mutairi
11:10am - 11:20am

Discussion & Questions

11:20am - 11:50am
Opening Ceremony

National Anthem
Recital from the Holy Quran
Inauguration by the Minister of Health

Welcome notes from KUA president: Prof. Adel Al-Hunayan

11:50am - 01:00pm
Prayer & Lunch Break
Session-3 | Urolithiasis , Debates & Discussion
Moderators: Dr. Fawzi Abul | Dr. Khalid Al Rumaihi
01:00pm - 01:20pm

Flexible Uteroscopy with Routine use of ureteral access sheath.
Yes. Dr. Mitchell Humphreys
No. Dr. Mohammad Alomar

01:20pm - 01:40pm

Preferred Position of PCNL.
Supine. Dr. Thomas Chi
Prone. Dr. John Denstedt

01:40pm - 01:50pm

Discussion & Questions

01:50pm - 02:20pm

Challenging Cases in Urolithiasis

Panelists: Dr. John Denstedt, Dr. Mitchell Humphreys, Dr. Thomas Chi, Dr. Mohammad Alomar

02:20pm - 02:35pm
Coffee Break
Session-4 | Minimally Invasive Surgery in the Lower Urinary Tract: State of the Art
Moderators: Dr. Ahmed AlEnezi | Dr. Turky AlMouhissen
02:35pm - 03:00pm

Advances in RARP Techniques

Dr. Mevlana Balbay
03:00pm - 03:25pm

Robotic Reconstruction of lower Urinary Tract

Prof. Shamim Khan
03:25pm - 03:50pm

Laparoscopic Reconstruction of lower Urinary Tract in Pediatrics

Dr. Walid Farhat
03:50pm - 04:00pm

Discussion & Questions

04:00pm - 04:15pm

Coffee Break

Session-5 | Debates & Discussions:
Topics: MIS in the Lower Urinary Tract
Moderators: Dr. Adel Al-Tawheed | Dr. Yaseer Al Saeedi
04:15pm - 04:35pm

Radical cystectomy and diversion
Open. Dr. Hassan Abo Elenin
Robotics Prof. Shamim Khan

04:35pm - 04:40pm

Discussion & Questions

04:40pm - 05:00pm

Challenging Cases Discussion

Panelists: Dr. Mevlana Balbay, Prof. Shamim Khan, Dr. Hassan Abo Elenin, Dr. Walid Farhat

Day 2 - Sunday, 7th April 2019

Session-1 | BPH."State of The Art"
Moderator: Dr. Saud Al Dhafeeri | Dr. Hassan Abo Elenin
09:00am - 09:25am

Lasers in BPH

Dr. Mitchell Humphreys
09:25am - 09:50am

Prostate artery embolisation for BPH Treatment

Dr. Tariq Sinan
09:50am - 10:00am

Discussion & Questions

10:00am - 10:20am

Coffee Break

Session-2 | BPH."Point of Technique"
Moderator: Dr. ALi Al-Sairafi | Prof. Mohammad Eissa
10:20am - 10:40am

Aquablation Therapy in BPH

Dr. Albert El-Hajj
10:40am - 11:00am

Office based technique in BPH treatment

Dr. Mitchell Humphreys
11:00am - 11:10am

Discussion & Questions

11:10am - 11:30am

Coffee Break

Session-3 | BPH. Debates & Discussions
Moderator: Dr. Meshal AlShammari | Dr. Ahmed Shoma
11:30am - 11:50am

Surgical treatment of >150gm Prostate, HOLEP V.s robotic

HOLEP: Dr. Ahmad AlKandari
Robotics: Dr. Abdulla Alenezi
11:50am - 12:10pm

Surgical treatment of <80 gm Prostate, TURP V.s Innovation

TURP: Dr. Ahmed R. Elnahas
Innovation: Dr. Albert El Hajj
12:10pm - 12:20pm

Discussion & Questions

12:20pm - 12:50pm

Challenging Cases in BPH:

Panelists: Dr. Mitchell Humphreys, Dr. Albert El-Hajj, Dr. Ahmed R. Elnahas, Dr. Abdulla Alenezi

12:50pm - 02:00pm

Prayer & Lunch Break

Session-4 | Upper Urinary tract Diseases. "State of The Art"
Moderator: Dr. Abdulnasser Alsaeed | Dr. Ahmad Hammadi
02:00pm - 02:25pm

Management of Small renal masses

Dr. Albert El-Hajj
02:25pm - 02:50pm

Robotic surgery in Pediatric Population

Prof. Selçuk SILAY
02:50pm - 03:00pm

Discussion & Questions

03:00pm - 03:20pm

Coffee Break

Session-5 | Upper Urinary tract Diseases. "Point of Technique"
Moderator: Dr. Ahmed Harraz | Dr. Ali Al Rashed
03:20pm - 03:40pm

Laparoscopic Reconstruction of upper urinary tract

Dr. Ahmed Shoma
03:40pm - 04:00pm

Conservative treatment of Upper tract UCC

Dr. Mitchell Humphreys
04:00pm - 04:10pm

Discussion & Questions

04:10pm - 04:20pm

Coffee Break

Session-6 | Upper Urinary tract Diseases. "Debate"
Moderator: Dr. Nayef AlEnezi | Dr. Ahmed R. Elnahas
04:20pm - 04:40pm

Recurrent upto For Pyeloplasty: laparoscopic V.s Open

Laparoscopic: Dr. Ahmad Hammadi
Open: Dr. Ahmed Harraz
04:40pm - 05:00pm

Pyeloplasty for Pre school <5 years old Laparoscopic V.s Robotic

Laparoscopic: Dr. Walid Farhat
Robotic: Prof. Selçuk SILAY
05:00pm - 05:10pm

Discussion & Questions